I’ve heard it said countless times from clients, around the office, from friends and family… “Real Estate slows down around the Holidays”. I know… People are busy. There’s shopping, baking, and decorating to be done. But it could also be a great time to list your home for sale and here are 6 good reasons why:

  1. You’ll be putting yourself in front of serious buyers. Anyone who’s spending the holidays house hunting is probably looking to make a decision soon.
  2. Less Competition. Because of the perception that things slow down during the Holidays, you’ll see fewer homes listing. This makes you one of few, not one of many, homes to choose from. The market will start to fill up again in January (and especially in the spring) with many homes just like yours, so it’s harder for yours to stand out.
  3. Homes look their absolute best during the Holidays! The decorations, the lights, the tree… It all brings out warm fuzzy feelings! It can also help you showcase a great feature about your home. Maybe you have an outstanding mantel over your fireplace. You can really accentuate that feature with decorations and lights that draw attention to it. Perhaps your property has amazing landscaping. Outdoor lights can really help it stand out.
  4. While we’re on the topic of warm fuzzies… People are more emotional during the holidays and tend to feel a little more generous. This might help you get a little closer to your asking price.
  5. Vacation Time! It’s hard for people with full time jobs to find enough time to look at homes. During the holidays, buyers will likely have more time off to find a time to view your home that suits both you and them.
  6. If your home does sell over the holidays, you can start your search in January when more homes hit the market and you might be able to buy a little lower!

If you’re interested in discussing if this is the right time for you to list your home, please don’t hesitate to contact me using any of the methods at the top of this page.

Happy House Hunting!